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Andelscott Consulting Limited has worked with companies to clarify a problem and determine agreed course of action, through facilitated workshops.

    Case study The client management had reached an impasse in determining how to progress a business stream. We were asked to assist them in determining the options for progress and evaluating each through the operation of a facilitatied workshop.  
    Solution and benefits

We interviewed all of the key stakeholders to determine the issues, concerns and potential barriers to agreement in advance of the session. This information gathering was supplemented by external research to ensure that the potential tax and ownership consequences of a range of courses of action were considered.

Through the session, the stakeholders worked to clarify the options available and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each before determining the preferred course of action.

As a result of the process, with a neutral facilitator, the stakeholders were able to highlight their concerns but reach an agreed course of action.


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