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Andelscott Consulting Limited has developed bespoke database tools for e-commerce and public sector data management.

    Case study The client needed a data storage and reporting solution capable of supporting concurrent usage by a number of analysts. The data comprised both structured and unstructured elements resulting from a government consultation exercise and analysis and reporting would need to consider both business and geographic segmentation of views as well as the aggregated responses.  
    Solution and benefits

We developed a database schema and a suite of web screens to manage the database throughout the analysis phase of the government consultation. The core database design was based on the consultation questions and data storage schemes were constructed to accommodate the richness of consultant-defined response groupings.

This was bound together with a range of web (intranet) screens and forms to capture, review and report the consultation responses, all supported by workflow management tools to support the management processes. Data input screens were developed to be as intuitive as possible with a simple interface to store data input and changes transparently so that user training requirements were minimal.

Technologies used: Windows 2000 server, Microsoft IIS webserver, Microsoft SQL server, HTML, Javascript, ASP, PHP, Pear.

Benefits: Users were able to devote their time to the value-added analysis with confidence that the system would report the findings overall and allow segmented data analysis. Progress metrics were generated directly from the system reducing staff time required in project monitoring and management.


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